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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  October 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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police say he was wearing body armor and did not have a license for the tactical shotgun he used. those wounded officers are recovering tonight. federaland state investigators say they have intercepted a strange terror plot to kill several people by debt in thing a homemade -- detonating a homemade bomb. a woman is accused of being a co-conspirator. fox 10's nicole garcia joins us live with details of what we are learning on yeah, 49-year-old michelle bastion here at the fourth avenue jail being held on $100,000 bond. she is a bookkeeper for a bakery. now she is accused of bag co-conspirator for an east isis inspired terror attack along with her husband who is a convicted murderer. federal and state investigators say bastion was a co-conspirator in a terror plot to kill several people inside the lewis prison
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2008 murder. she did not say much at her initial court appearance. a representative for the arizona attorney general's office did address the judge saying bastion was a danger to society. >> the defendant appears to be easily influenced by a co-conspirator in this matter her home in florence was raided wednesday. >> five or six law enforcement cars pull up over there and jump out and yell warrant, fbi search warrant. >> bastion worked as a bookkeeper at this bakery in chandler where she was taken into custody. according to court paper work, thomas bastion was a radicalized muslim while in prison. isis and other terrorism related materials along with instructions on how to make a bomb were allegedly found inside his prison cell. investigators say bastion was going to plant the bomb in a vending machine with the goal of murdering bystanders and the
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investigators believe michelle bastion was going to smuggle bomb making materials into the prison so her husband could carry out the attack. >> that's crazy them people think they can do that. >> and michelle bastion now facing two terrorism counts and one count of conspiracy to promote prison contraband. her husband already in prison could also face additional terrorism charges as well in the future. reporting live, nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." a mesa assaulted in her own home and tonight police are reaching out for the public for help trying to find the suspect. they say last monday the woman was sitting on the porch of her home near lindsay and adobe. when the man grabbed her and forced her inside the house and sexually assaulted her in the bedroom that man took off in a gray or silver four-door sedan. here is a sketch of the man the police are looking for. people who live in that area say they can't believe something like this would happen in their own neighborhood.
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a lot of sexual offenders are from people we know but more afraid of the stranger so hearing that it makes your heart rate jump a little bit. >> police believe the suspect is between 45 and 55 years old. and between 5'4" and 5'6" if you have any information call silent witness. that number is 480-witness. sheriff joe arpaio the subject of another court hearing today. although the sheriff was not in the courtroom, the subject should his workplace raids immigrants be declared illegal. a federal judge in phoenix will answer that question. work place raids about 80 of them since 2008. some 800 people were arrested and deported. puente movement and immigrants rights advocates want them to stop for good. they argue these raids are illegal because only the feds can do immigration raids. >> arpaio is not only doing these raids for the people he was picking up and criminalizing them, detaining them and deporting them, but he was
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to make our lives miserable we self-deport to create fear in our families. >> county attorney bill montgomery said the raids are illegal because of someone is miss u.s -- is using the id of an arizona resident to fine work the state should prosecute them. the judge will decide this case in the coming weeks. caught on camera a man and woman suspected in a violent purse snatching in north phoenix. police say groceries in a parking lot near tatum and bell when another woman took her purse from her shopping cart. the victim grabbed her purse but was kicked and pulled toward a white suv. the man behind the wheel punched the victim in a face. she h edrove off. she fell on ground and suffered more expwremps detective says the suspects then used the victim's credit card in another business and anyone who might recognize them is being asked to
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480-witness. in a fox follow-up, police say a shooting in peoria that left two teens wounded all stem from a drug deal. this hand last night and was near 75 avenue and deer valley road. police say there was some kind of disagreement between the two teens. and that's when the shots were fired. 15-year-old and 18-year-old boys are expected to be okay. police say they are not searching for any other suspects. a rowdy weekend is on tap in downtown flagstaff ahead of nau's homecoming parade and football game. it's t day drinking event. this starts at 6:00 in the morning on saturday. so as you can imagine, it can get rowdy. in fact, last year officer is a rested more than 40 people and even had to shut down a number of streets. so there will be two dozen officers on hand this year as well as others out there. making sure that minors return drinking alcohol. >> donald trump pushing back on allegations that he sexually harassed multiple women and the
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explain away damaging leaked e-mails. joel waldman has more from washington. these people are horrible people. they are horrible, horrible liars. >> donald trump lashing out, shredding the new york times people magazine and the "palm beach post" demanding reiraqs saying they all fabricated stories after four women in the last day accused the republican nominee of kissing or groping them against their will. one of the women now 74 told times trump inappropriately touched her while the two were on a flight 30 years ago. describing trump as an octopus. >> these claims are all fabricated. they are pure fiction. and they are outright lies. >> trump's alleged unwanted advances getting plenty of attention today from one of hillary clinton's most powerful and influential surrogates, michelle obama. >> we simply cannot endure this or expose our children to this
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not for another minute and let alone for four years. now is the time for all of us to stand up and say, enough is enough. >> the clinton camp juggling a problem of its own after another 2,000 e-mails were leaked today by wikileaks. the website revealing eyebrow raising comments from several clinton campaign staffers about latinos and catholics. >> which controversy is taking more of a toll? hillary clinton has lead in both national and swing state polls with growing support among women and independents. in washington, joel waldman. fox news. bermuda hit by hurricane nicole today with winds of up to 115 miles per hour. before it made its way back out into the atlantic ocean. that storm toppled trees and ripped off roofs and damaged boats and caused flooding. right now nearly 30,000 customers are without power in the schools will be closed until monday.
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the damage. the island's airport is scheduled to re-open early tomorrow. and a local non-profit is helping survivors of hurricane matthew in haiti. feed my starving children is sending an extra 15 million meals for those affected by the hurricane. haiti is the single largest country already fed by the non-profit. hundreds of people were killed during the hurricane. >> we planned on shipping only 280 million meal. so 15 million meals above and beyond what we have allocated to our partners already. >> the non-profit is taking donations and also needs volunteers to help pack the food. so if you like to help out we have information for you on our website, as we head into the winter months there is word tonight that we are going to be paying more to heat our homes. the energy department says bills for electricity, propane and natural gas all expected to go up. as the temps are expected to be chillier. it says demand for heating fuels l.a. year were at the lowest
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because of above normal temperatures but this winter the national average costs for electricity may jump about 5%. natural gas customers may expect to pay an additional 22%. meantime -- >> right now triple-a says the average cost for a gallon of gas state wide is $2.17. in phoenix drivers are paying less, about $2.14. $2.38 and in tucson it's $2.02. still ahead a big honor tonight for our own dave munsey getting a big award in broadcast journalist. we will hear from him coming up. and some details about opening day for dolphinaris arizona this weekend near scottsdale. plus live at the opening of a brand-new harkins movie
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a brand new harkins a brand-new harkins theater opens tonight in the west valley
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harkins estrella falls 16. on mcdowell road between bullard road and pebble creek parkway. the first 100 people with movie particulars getting a first harkins loyalty cup and the theater also giving everyone a scratch and win card game and one of these lucky people will get admission for free movies for an entire year. harkins says its widest screen here is more than 80 feet wide and they have leather reclining seats and also a full bar with cocktails. wine and beer. looks like a coming up in saturday, dolphinaris arizona will open near scottsdale and skyfox getting new video today of the swim with comedens facility. the prices will vary on the experience you choose whether in the water or on land. the dolphin pools hole 1 million gallons of purified sea water a portion of sales will go to support ocean and marine life conservation. and it says the dolphins were born in human care and received excellent treatment but not everybody is happy with that.
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belong in the desert. it's cruel to the mammals. the group dolphin-free az organizing two protests on saturday one is at 9:00 a.m. and again at 4:00 p.m. dolphinaris is open from 9:00 to 5:00. new at 6:00 tonight, arizona governor doug ducey announcing a startup aerospace company is coming to tucson. vector space system plans to open its headquarters in tucson as well as manufacturing plant. that will build rockets to carry they will be located in pima county's aerospace defense and technology business and research park. launches will take place in california, florida and alaska. the company is expected to create 200 jobs in southern arizona. big honor for a member of the fox 10 family. dave munsey was inducted into the arizona broadcasters hall of fame. dave has been on the air here now for 41 years and as john hook explains, it's a well deserved honor.
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air, there are few valley residents who don't recognize dave munsey or his signature sign off. >> watch your kids around water. >> dave began his career in broadcasting more than 50 years ago at chatty kid who took a neighbor's advice. >> she said david, i hope some day you get paid for that big mouth of yours. a light went on >> his valley career started on radio but then came an unexpected offer. to be channel 10s weather man. >> dave munsey here with the weather. an incredible backdrop. >> this backdrop is a natural air conditioner as we come back to pacific plaza here and take a look around. >> i put a map up in the guest bedroom bathroom and i practiced doing the weather in the mirror. i bought a stop watch. i timed myself. just to show you how little i
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first one i timed, was 12 minutes. >> over the years there have been a lot of changes but dave's gratitude to the viewer and his wife has been a constant. >> it's people that invite me into their homes several times a day all of these years, let me tell you, it's more the weather and it's more than water safety and i thank you for this great honor. thank >> we thank you too, dave. john hook, "fox 10 news." congratulation dave from all of us here at fox 10. and dave is off tonight. so i will have a look at the
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take a look outside right now from our tower cam it was a nice -- it's been a nice day out there. not much going on where we are, but there is a lot going on in the pacific northwest. northern california and into oregon as well. this massive storm that is dumping a lot of rain bringing winds of 50, 60 miles per hour up there. causing a lot of havoc on the coast line. so potential of flooding especially in california. that is not going to affect us because of a high pressure
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arizona. mostly in the southern part of arizona keeping that away and the low pressure system that's over the northern part of california and the pacific northwest. that's going to be pushing east and it's going to draw that moisture along with it. as you can see here it's going to track north of arizona. we aren't expecting that storm to have an impact on us. taking a look at temps now a bit toasty for this time of year. we are in the upper 80s to low 90s right now. 09 at sky harbor airport. as we said, we were a little bit above normal. today 95 degrees. 90 will be 101 was the high set back in 1989. for tonight a nice overnight. 67 degrees. the rest of the country, we talked about the active weather here in the pacific northwest. some active weather as well and then dallas area and moving its way on through but not too much to speak of. in fact right now temps along this part of the country are above normal as well by 10 degrees. here is our forecast lows for tonight. it's going to be chilly up in the northern part of the state. 36 for you at the grand canyon. 35 at flagstaff.
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payson. 64 in gila bend and 54 for you in globe overnight tonight. for tomorrow again another pretty warm day on tap for you. 96 in bullhead city. 86 in globe. and 68 for you if you are up in the flagstaff area or if that's where you live. for tonight again thighs and sunny and warm overnight. clear skies. tomorrow a nice morning. 70 degrees and warming up throughout the day and hit a high of 94 degrees and for your ten day forecast take a look. not much to say about this. sunny temperatures, sunny warmer temperatures. the overnights will be nice and the mornings are great. so if you are plans on the weekend do them in the morning and it will be nice and pleasant. if you like weather 24-7, get our weather app, it's free on you heard the chants at almost every home game. larry! larry! fans love larry fitzgerald. larry fitzgerald having a great year no matter who the quarterback is, fitz will find the end zone.
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james p. walsh: to keep our community safe - we need a sheriff who will put fighting violent crime ahead of his own political agenda. paul penzone has been a decorated crime-fighter for over 20 years. a police officer, undercover investigator, and dea task force agent of the year. paul penzone caught murderers, put drug kingpins behind bars, and created award-winning
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a new sheriff who will put our safety first. becoming a common thing. it's becoming a common thing. the cardinals playing on prime time. this year they have at least four prime time games and it could be more if they get flex. thursday night football last week and now it's monday night this week and for some reason the boys play well when the
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arry was fantastic once again scoring two touchdowns on thursday night. maybe that's why the cards keep getting these prime time games. how time flies. back in the day it was very rare to see the cards on tv. only the true fans made it out to sun devil stadium. remember this? oh, yeah, those fans had to deal with that hot weather as well as some disappointments on the field. i'm telling you, the true fans showed up to these games. fitz taking a trip down memory saw us play on tv. they used to black us out at home. it's nice to be able to have some prime time games and people on the east coast get a chance to see us and our brand of football. >> and what do you know? we got the game for you. kinda. it's on our sister station, 45. tom bowles and the jets come to town for you right here on my 45. can't forget about the college kids.
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asu. especially at quarterback. first we weren't sure who would start. manny wilkens won the job and got off to a great start before this happened. he hurt his ankle. rolls up on the ankle and had to be helped off the feel and in comes brady white and last week white is out for the year so both qbs get hurt and now the freshman dylan sterling coal gets -- cole gets thrown into the fire. hey, the devils, they are up for the task. >> that's a challenging of especially on the very, very physical sport like football. just a way of life. and some years are tougher than others. the key is you are figuring out a way to win and we are having fun doing it and doing it the right way. >> here is my advice. put your tv on fox 10 and just leave it right there and you are all set. we got you covered all weekend long and all of the football you need. start with the college kids on saturday and u of a taking on usc right here on fox 10.
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lacava will be back doing a special presentation with jerryco angelo. you have jude ask at ccu and then us. >> holding down the for the. >> someone has to be here. >> one day maybe we will be doing stuff like that. thank for watching us tonight. the about team. >> hall of famer in my book. >> you, too. "tmz" is next.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so here are the elements we've got. we've got kevin hart. we've got a male strip joint. we've got buffalo wings and in your face. >> a guy got mad at me and threw a buffalo wing at me. harvey: are buffalo wings in strip clubs universal? isn't it harder for the c when their hands are sticky to do what they want to do? >> if the hands are sticky, 50% chance it's the buffalo sauce. >> there's video of kim kardashian right after she was robbed. harvey: it would seem one of the kardashian people shot the video. >> this investigation was launched by kim kardashian's attorneys. if she knew it was a family member on her right, she's not going to push that. harvey: here's what we all agree on. super illegal in france to do. >> rob them? harvey: no, no. [laughter]


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